Partnership Issues and Solutions

As a country, we face many issues but some are more immediate than others as it relates to Urban Communities. TUC's mission is to provide HELP under a 4by4 plan which focuses on solving the following four issues in four years:

  1. Housing
  2. Education 
  3. Lack of Ownership
  4. Poverty         

Though this partnership between Donald Trump, Republicans, and Urban Communities in four years will begin the process of Restoring Families Across America. *Please note that TUC defines a community leader as a person that is making a difference without a title or budget but the sure desire for people lives to be better.

Partnership to End Poverty

Dependency perpetuates poverty in our society today - especially 50 years of government programs that trap recipients into a cycle of dependency versus providing temporary assistance while helping them get back on a path to supporting themselves and their families - living the American Dream.

We will focus on creating resources that will provide those in need a Hand Up to recovery and independence, not a Hand Out.


Commitment to Educate

Education is Knowledge.  Knowledge is Power to pursue opportunities in today's economic society.

Educational opportunities in our Urban Communities must improve to equip our youth of today for tomorrow.

We will support initiatives to restore the Voucher System where possible in order to expedite the access to the best education possible for the children of Urban Communities.

We will explore opportunities to enhance adult education, vocational and trade certification programs, as well as job placement services in Urban Communities.


Create Ownership through Economic Development

JaneOne of the most vital aspects of our mission to restore Urban Communities is through Economic Development.  TUC will create Information Hubs in each Urban community that will facilitate communication and collaboration with Leaders in the Community.

Our objective is to work with community leaders to identify economic needs in each community and local business people equipped to lead them.  As part of the vetting process, TUC will work with community leaders to develop investable business plans sponsored by qualified, local leadership and make them available to outside investment through a crowdfunding platform.

Community-Based Real Estate Development

Similar to the Economic Development initiatives, TUC will work with Urban community leaders to identify local housing needs and opportunities for redevelopment without gentrification, through an investable crowd funding platform.

If you are willing to Sponsor a Project or know of someone in your community that may, please sign up.

We can solve the issues together.

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