About TUC

TUC was formed by business owners, entrepreneurs, and lifelong Republicans who believe that hard work combined with a genuine opportunity to succeed will produce positive progress. We are not political pundits but believe that staying on the sidelines during this election cycle is unacceptable.

Using our entrepreneurial instincts and business experience, we've identified some of the weaknesses and opportunities that the GOP is facing in 2016 and future election cycles.

The GOP has weakened its appeal and had limited success in expanding its base to include a more diverse voting block - despite the obvious need to do so. In an effort to address that, we've studied the current election cycle to find the movers and shakers among grassroots organizations across the country.  The goal is to build an effective, sustainable network from the ground up to deliver a message that mainstream media will not convey.

The opportunities for the GOP have never been available to this degree - with the #NeverHillary movement, the continual financial hardships that working families have endured the last 8 years, and an alarming increase in poverty levels and government subsidy utilization in Urban Communities - we must seize this unique opportunity to begin rebuilding American families and communities.

In order to achieve the necessary percent of Urban voters protect the, we must change the current narrative and encourage a new thought process by establishing Community Information Hubs, being visible in the voter’s communities, involving them in the political process, and allowing them to financially benefit during and long after the process - based on their marketing efforts and evidence-based, measurable outcomes.                                                 

                                                                                  TUC's WINNING FORMULA

Employing grass roots organizations that can take credibility into the Urban Communities - reaching working families, first-time voters and poverty stricken voters who have traditionally voted for Democrats is our primary mission.

We have an opportunity during the 2016 election cycle to recruit over 2,000 individuals living in Urban Communities that will be employed in key swing states where the race for POTUS and tightly contested senatorial races are taking place.  



I.  Restoring Families Across America Tour


II.  Trump/Republicans for Urban Communities Partnership

Phase 1: Sept 18th thru Nov 8th

Restoring Families Across America Tour: is a National fund raising effort traveling through the following 18 states: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. The tour will create a national and social media phenomenon as it will include a caravan of 6 vehicles, a wrapped bus, and 5 minivans, with a staff of 30 individuals.

During the tour, videos will be pushed to social media and local media outlets, voters will be registered and Community Information Hubs established. The videos will allow individuals all over the country to see Americans working together for a common goal and the newly registered voters will be educated on why they should support Donald Trump and their republican candidate based on their commitment to support Urban Communities

The Community Information Hubs will serve as virtual, real-time town hall meeting sites during the campaign cycle, allowing candidates to conduct live video conferences and webinars with Urban Communities from anywhere in the country.  

The Community Information Hubs will also facilitate critical, real-time meetings between Urban community leaders and business leaders to develop localized, comprehensive plans to bring local business investments back to these communities.

                                   WHY WE NEED INFORMATIONAL HUBS 


Phase 2: Sept 20th thru Dec 20th

Trump/Republicans for Urban Communities:

A voter’s initiative that accompanies a commitment to provide economic development and employment opportunities in traditionally poverty-stricken communities. 

Trump/Republicans for Urban Communities will launch its 300 wrapped Cars and 5 Buses within the Key Swing States with highly contested Senate Races. Over 2,000 individuals in Urban Communities will be employed as Independent Marketing Reps (IMR) for up to 3 months thru Dec 20th – provided Donald Trump wins the Presidency and/or the Republicans keep the Senate and House majority after the Nov. 8th election.

From Nov. 9th until Dec. 20th the IMR’s will continue to gather community needs, wants and desires in order to further the partnership between Trump/ The Republicans and Urban Communities. 



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