Working to Educate Urban Community Voters on Decades of Abuse by the Democratic Party and the Creation of Partnership Opportunities under a Trump Presidency.


The 2016 election cycle is proving to be one of the most interesting, yet fiercely contested, elections in the last 40 years; with big consequences for all Americans.

The primary purpose of Trump for Urban Communities (TUC), as a movement, is to ensure that:

  1. Donald Trump wins POTUS
  2. Republicans retain Congress
  3. A NEW Partnership is established during the 2016 Election in our Urban Communities that will continue to bring about authentic change, opportunity, and hope for our fellow Americans for generations.

A Trump Presidency means a partnership with the American people.  Not only is it the responsibility of the POTUS to uphold and defend our Constitution, but it is also the fiduciary duty of the POTUS to run our country like a business. We cannot afford to elect the 2016 Democratic party nominee - a self-serving, overly ambitious and greedy (Colin Powell's words) career politician and enable the Democratic party to continue to decimate our economy and our nation's security.

We must work to retain a Republican majority in Congress, especially in light of the Supreme Court appointments (at least 1 and potentially 3) that will occur during the next presidency.  Our efforts to elect representatives who will support our efforts to change Urban Communities and develop TUC partnerships are generously supported by the Keep The US Senate and House PAC through your donations.

TUC will focus on expanding the conservative base by venturing into Urban Communities that have been traditionally ignored by the GOP. The Democrats own 90% of the black vote but spend very little time, money or effort during election cycles to get their vote. Sadly, the Republicans historically have spent far less to get black votes, but with Trump for Urban Communities, the plan calls for earning the vote, partnering with these urban communities, and investing in the communities far beyond November 8th, 2016.

TUC will not buy media, but will invest in creating the largest national ground game in the country that will engage, educate and employ actual voters and their families.  The immediate focus will be concentrated in Urban Communities within the Key Swing States (where the Presidential race is close), contested Congressional races, and poverty-stricken urban communities that have been under Democratic leadership for decades.

The plan above will deliver Donald Trump and the Republicans the highest percentage of Black votes since the 1965 Voting Rights Act. In order to accomplish this historical feat, WE NEED YOUR COMMITMENT TO DONATE AND ENDORSE THIS MOVEMENT NOW and AFTER THE ELECTION.

For More Information on How We Plan To Get This Done, CLICK HERE

The link below demostrates that the GOP is the right party for Urban Communites:

Republicans have identified the issues and devised solutions, but have failed to effectively deliver the message to Urban Communities


We need your support in order to share this message of SHOP TALK in barber shops throughtout SWING STATES.

The Only Way Donald Trump and Republican Senators Can WIN in November Is To Partner with the Communites that the Democrats have Destroyed. This Partnership will Guarantee A Victory.


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